Iron Riche Rice

Iron Riche Rice 

Back ground

Anemia caused by iron deficiency is a major public health issue affecting infants, young children and pregnant women. It is linked with an increased risk of maternal mortality, as well as an increased risk of pre-term  delivery, retarded foetal growth, etc. This problem can be overcome if the rice which is the staple food of majority of the Indian population, is fortified with iron. Keeping this view in mind, a protocol for production of iron fortified rice was developed with proven results.


Effectiveness of the product 

The produced is highly effective in alleviating iron deficiency condition. Hemoglobin level measured in moderately subjects increased from 9.25 to 10.83 g/dl while in subjects with severe anemia increased from 6.77 to 10.36 g/dl. 

Unique Selling Proposition

  • This product is indistinguishable from unfortified rice.
  • The developed protocol is   cheaper and highly cost effective.
  • There is no considerable loss of iron on washing with water or when cooked with excess of  water.
  • Chance of free radical formation is little as fortificant is uniformly absorbed inside the  grain. 

How is the product different from other similar products?

  • Iron of fortified rice produced by conventional methods like dusting and coating, gets washed away when rinsed or cooked with access of water.
  • Present Protocol involves uniform absorption of iron into grain and thus there is no considerable loss of iron when rinsed or cooked in excess of water.

Production Cost

Developed fortification protocol involves parboiling process. At laboratory scale, additional cost for iron fortification of one kg paddy will be about Rs. 5/-. The production cost will be reduced if fortification is done at commercial scale.