Rice Riche Face Scrub

Rice Riche Face Scrub 

Rice Riche Face Scrub is an exfoliation product which has been designed specifically for use on the  face.

It removes dead skin cells to give a more polished and healthy look by making skin softer and  brighter.

Product Composition

Main ingredients of the product are 

Rice bran oil, Rice flour from broken rice,humectant, Gamma oryzanol, tocopherols, tocotrienols which are potent  antioxidants,


Features and benefits 

It keeps skin smooth and glowing by removing dead skin, and exposing a layer of younger, healthier skin.

Although the product is oil based, it can easily be  washed off with water leaving behind the  skin smooth, soft and moist.

It protects from the problem of blemishes and dark spots, and flakes around nose and chin area. 

How is the product different from similar products? 

Most of the facial scrubs available in the market contain sharp and hard abrasive particles which are extremely harsh for skin. And after use, application of skin moisturizer becomes essential.

In our product, rice grain flour is used as exfoliant which is mild and soft towards the skin. It can be used regularly.

After rinsing off, the skin becomes smooth, soft and moist and   does not require application of another moisturizing   cream.

Production cost

Cost of production at laboratory scale is Rs. 18/ per 100 g.