DRR Dhan 55

DRR Dhan 55(Early Direct seeded aerobic variety) 

Varietal characteristics: A medium duration (125 days) aerobic rice variety with multiple disease resistance. It is suitable for irrigated ecosystems of Bihar (Zone III) and Chhattisgarh (Zone V).

Notification date: S.O. 500(E)dt. 29thJan 2021.

Yield: 4.9-5.5tonnes/ha.

Disease reaction: Moderate resistance to Leaf blast and Neck blast.

Pest reaction: Resistance to gall midge and rice thrips and moderate resistance to plant hoppers.

Grain type: Long Bold (LB), HRR: 55.53%., Gel Consistency: 22 mm, Amylose Content: 22.58%.

Seed availability: 200kg.