ICAR-IIRR Develops Genome Edited Rice with more grains per panicle

Researchers from the ICAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research (ICAR-IIRR), Hyderabad have developed genome edited rice lines with higher yield. Using the CRISPR/Cas technology, the team led by Dr. Satendra Kumar Mangrauthia edited a gene associated with grain number in the elite rice variety,Samba Mahsuri (also knows as BPT5204) for enhancing the grain yield. Samba Mahsuri is a tissue culture recalcitrant genotype, but the determination and hard work of researchers for the last four years helped the team to eventually develop a reproducible high-throughput tissue culture and genetic transformation protocol, which eventually led to the development of genome edited lines of Samba Mahuri. This export quality rice variety is very popular among farmers and consumers due to its premium grain and cooking quality.