Success Stories 1

Success Story 1: DRRH 3 The first high yielding rice hybrid with medium slender (MS) grain type 

Directorate of Rice Research (DRR), Hyderabad has developed a high yielding hybrid DRRH-3 with medium slender grain type for irrigated ecology. It can be cultivated in areas with assured irrigation, where fine- grained rice varieties are preferred and widely cultivated. This hybrid can give about 23-30

%  more  yield  than  BPT  5204.  The  grain quality traits of the hybrid are similar to that of a popular variety Samba Mahsuri (BPT-5204). It has medium slender grains with higher milling (>71%), head rice recovery (>60%),

L/B ratio (2.61), intermediate amylose content (24%) and gel consistency of 63 mm. 

MOAs   signed   with   eight   seed   companies   for   large   scale   seed   production   & popularization of DRRH 3 

S. No

Name of the company

S. No

Name of the company


DevGen Seeds & Crop Technology Pvt. Ltd


Ganga Kaveri Seeds Pvt. Ltd


Kaveri seeds Company


J K Agri Genetics Ltd


Indian     Foundation     seed     &     Services Association


R J Biotech


Ankur Seeds Pvt. Ltd


Siri Seeds (Pvt) Ltd

Total upfront payment received : 26,48,320-00



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