IIRR Technologies


Technology 1: Improved Samba Mahsuri: a high yielding, bacterial blight resistant, fine-grain type, low glycemic index rice variety

Technology 2:

DRR DHAN 42 [IR 64 (Drt 1)] - First Drought Tolerant MAS derived Rice Variety 

Technology 3:

DRR DHAN 44 –High yielding Rice Variety for water limiting areas 

Technology 4:

DRR Dhan 45 - The first zinc enriched rice variety of India

Technology 5:

DRR Dhan 49 – High Zinc and high yielding rice variety

Technology 6:

Hybrid Rice Seed Production

Technology 7:

DNA marker-based assay for rapid and reliable estimation of genetic purity of seeds of Rice Hybrids and Parental lines

Technology 8:

SRI method for resource conservation, profitability and sustainable rice


Technology 9:

Modified Leaf Colour Chart for Enhancing the Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Reducing the Cost of Cultivation 

Technology 10:

Alternate wetting and drying method of Irrigation for rice to enhance the productivity and water use efficiency

Technology 11:

Integrated Weed Management (IWM) in Rice

Technology 12:

Rice-maize cropping system for more productivity and profitability

Technology 13:

Aerobic system of Rice cultivation

Technology 14:

Multi variety green manuring for sodic soil management

Technology 15:

Soil Testing Kit

Technology 20:

Rice Based Health Care Products

Technology 16:

Aromatic rice as a trap crop for stem borer management in rice

Technology 17:

Participatory IPM in Rice

Technology 18:

Ecological engineering with bund crops for enhancing biological control and monetary returns

Technology 19:

Rice Knowledge Management Portal (www.rkmp.co.in)

Technology 21: 

Aicrip Experimental Database ( Aicrip Intanet) (http://www.aicrip-intranet.in)