Rice riche moisturizing lotion

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Rice riche moisturizing lotion

Rice Moisturizing Lotion is a skin care product. Its regular application makes skin smooth, soft and supple. The antioxidants of the product fight with free radicals and slow down the effect of aging. 

Product composition 

The major ingredients of the product are 

Rice bran Oil, Brown rice extract,Water,Glycerol as main key ingredients.  


Unique Selling Proposition

How is the product different from other similar products?

The oil and the brown rice extract contain various skin beneficial ingredients contributing  to suppleness, tightening, lightening and preventing dryness of the skin.On account of oryzanol, the product has anti-aging property. 

Production cost

At  laboratory  scale,  production  cost  of  100  g  of  the  product  is  only  Rs.13/-.  Small  scale entrepreneurs can start business. With facility costing Rs. five lakhs one can produce 50 kg of the product every day.