Aerobic system of Rice cultivation

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Aerobic system of  Rice cultivation 

Technology Profile 

Aerobic rice is a viable option where the shortage of water does not allow the growing  of lowland rice. It is growing rice like an upland crop, such as wheat, on non-flooded aerobic soils without stress, thereby eliminating continuous seepage and percolation and greatly reducing evaporation. 

Brief description of the technology 

The cultivation package developed, recommended, demonstrated and implemented by the farmers included


Need: This can increase cropping intensity and income by growing short duration aerobic rice in kharif and safflower/sunflower in early rabi and vegetables in summer season where water scarcity, labor scarcity, high labor wages and poor economic status of farmers is a problem.

Existing practices: When water is limited farmers donot grow rice though they are in need of the staple Crop.  Majority of the rice farmers practice flooding irrigation. 

Areas: Wasting of precious water with wrong notion that flooding is compulsory for rice. In majority of the rice growing areas in Telangana and Andhrapradesh.

Empirical Evidences 

Demonstration yields and incomes 

DRRDhan44 under aerobic system- 54% water saving – Nandaram, Vikarabad Dist. Telangana 

Broadcasting Aerobic Rice – Machilipatnam Guntur Dist, Sprinkler System, Ananthapur Dist. Andhra Pradesh

 Practical utility/Scalability 


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