Integrated Weed Management in Rice

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Integrated Weed Management (IWM) in Rice 

Technology Profile 

The IWM package developed, recommended, demonstrated and implemented by the farmers included 


Need – Due to labor scarcity, high labor wages and non availability at the critical stages 

Existing practices- Majority of the rice farmers practice manual hand weeding 

Potential losses : Expenditure on manual hand weeding is nearly double the expenditure on IWM Areas: In majority of the rice growing areas in Telangana and Andhrapradesh 

Empirical Evidences 

Demonstration yields and incomes

Location Expenditure Yield t/ha Additional Benefit (Rs/ha)
IWM Farmers Practice IWM Farmers Practice
Puppalaguda Rangareddy Dist, Telangana State. 4,342 8,975 6.96 6.13 14,834
Nagapur & Rajanpet, Medak Dist. Telangana State. 5,837 10,875 6.68 6.10 12,563
Amrad, Madanpalle Thanda & Banapoor, Nizamabad Dist. Telangana State. 6,600 11,575 6.82 5.98 16,396






Practical utility/Scalability