DRR Dhan 48 in farmer’s field

A team of four Scientists Dr. AVSR Swamy, Dr. Jyothi Badri and Dr. Divya Balakrishnan (Dept. of Plant Breeding) and Dr. DVKN Rao (Dept. of Soil Science) of ICAR-IIRR visited Arrur village, Valigonda Mandal, Yadadri Bhongir Dt., Telangana. Tummala Murali raised DRR Dhan 48 duirng rabi 2021-22 in six acres with technical guidance from Drs. LV Subba Rao, AVSR Swamy and Jyothi Badri. The IIRR team monitored the crop condition and rouging for off-types were also carried out. Crop was in a very good condition at maturity stage with no major pest or disease incidence with very few or no rogues or off types observed. Dr DVKN Rao also took the soil samples from these plots for soil testing along with GPS readings of these crop fields. IIRR team also interacted with the farmer's regarding the cultivation practices followed and any constraints faced during this season.