P10 TTI: Transfer of technology and training


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Climate change and rice farming: Farmers perception and adapta- tion strategies

Dr.P. Muthuraman, Drs. Shaik N. Meera, S. Arun Kumar, P. Jeyakumar , Brajendra , Ranganath


Dissemination of climate resil- ient rice production technologies to farmers in selected Districts of Telangana State

Dr.Amtul waris, Dr. Mahender Kumar Dr.  S.

N. Meera, Dr .Arun Kumar , Dr. K. Surekha, Dr.

B. Sreedevi, Dr. V Jhansi lakshmi, Dr. T. Vidhan Singh, Dr. B. Nirmala and Dr. Brajendra


Maximizing the impact of rice technologies through ICT appli- cations

Dr.S.N. Meera, Dr Arun Kumar S , Dr P. Muthura- man, Dr Amtul Waris, Dr Chitra Shanker, Dr. D. Krishnaveni, Dr B. Sailaja, Dr Brajendra, and Dr P. Senguttuvel and Dr. S.R. Voleti


IPR - Competition interaction in rice seed sector – Emerging sce- nario- implications for enhanc- ing quality seed use.

Dr.P.A.Lakshmi Prasanna, Dr. L.V.Subba Rao, Dr.A.S.Hari Prasad, Dr.Amtul Waris, Dr. S. N. Meera, Dr.B. Nirmala, Dr. S. Arun Kumar and Dr. Divya P.Symaladevi


Socio-economic impact assess- ment of rice production technol- ogies

Dr.B. Nirmala, Drs. P.Muthuraman, Amtul Waris, R.Mahender Kumar,A.S.Hari Prasad and T.Vidhan Singh


Innovations in group based ex- tension approaches: Accelerating rice technology transfer through farmer based organisations

Dr.S. Arun Kumar, Dr. Shaik N. Meera, Dr Amtul Waris, Dr P Jeya Kumar, Dr. P. Muthuraman


Wireless Sensor Networks inte- grating with Rice DSS model for real time advisories

Dr.BSailaja,Dr.ShaikNMeera,Dr.D.Subrahmanyam, Dr. K. Surekha