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Plant Physiology 


  • A  total  of  45  trials  of  plant  physiology AICRIP were conducted at 13 locations (6 funded and 7 voluntary centres) spread across India during Kharif 2015.
  • The mean grain yield recorded after harvest was increased by 9% by Imidazole (T2) application and Silixol treatment enhanced the mean grain yield for all varieties and locations  by  >8%  over  control  treatment (T1). Application of Imidazole and Silixol had reduced the incidence of Blast and both the treatments are effective.
  • IET  23356  recorded  higher  yield  under elevated     temperature   followed   by   the entries viz., IET 23354, PA-6129, IET 23947 IET 23339 and Somali. Based on the heat tolerance indices entries like DRRH-106, DRRH-107,  IET  24075,  Somali,  IET23979, and IET 24082 could be selected as relatively heat tolerant genotypes.
  • RUE and NUE in Rice: Sampada x Jaya/2 (G3), BPT-5204, Sampada and Varadhan x MTU1010/2 (G5) showed high NUE (<5% reduction in grain yield under low N). The lines derived from the crosses Varadhan x BPT 5204/10 (G2),Varadhan x BPT-5204/6 (G2),  Sampada  x  Jaya/3  (G4),  Varadhan and Jaya showed high YSi value with non- significant stability variance (σi2) performed well across locations and produced higher grain yield under 50 kg N ha-1.
  • Based on drought tolerance indices (DTI) the entries IET25108, IET24679, Narendra-97, IET25134, IET25141 and IET 25104 showed high DTI values and are relatively drought tolerant.
  • Based  on  multiple  abiotic  stress  tolerance under both laboratory and field conditions the entries   viz.,   IET23216,   Somali,   IR 82635-B-B47-1 and IET24674 were found to posses higher tolerance to salinity, drought submergence and low temperature.