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Soil Science 


  • Yield  gap  analysis  highlighted  the  steep gaps in yield obtained from the fields receivingrecommended    fertiliser    dose (RDF) and farmer fertiliser practice (FFP) which necessitates site specific nutrient management to realize the uniform best. There was an increase in rice grain yield from 45 to 140 % in nutrient expert (NE) tool based recommended plots compared to absolute control. Increased rice yield to an extent of 60-95 % was recorded in gypsum ameliorated sodic soils in Kanpur.   The highest yields were recorded in DRR Dhan 43 (4.37 t/ha), CSR 36 (4.26 t/ha), GSR 129 (4.24 t/ha) and DRR Dhan 42 (4.19 t/ha) with 100% GR supplementation.
  • Genotypes  27P-63,  PA  6444  and  US  312 recorded significant rice yield in limed acid soils of Moncompu.     Increased yield due to  liming  was  also  recorded  in  GSR  148, GSR 119 and DRR Dhan 43 at Ranchi and Aghonibora, US 312, 27P36 and PA 6444 at Titabar.
  • The positive interaction effect of water and nutrients through increase in yield was recorded in aerobic rice. Water productivity (kg grain/ha mm water used) ranged from 4.4 5.1 kg grain/ha mm water. There was 10-14 % saving in water requirement with 100 and 75% cumulative pan evaporation (CPE) irrigation,  respectively  over  150% CPE. Application of nutrients up to 180 kg N, 60 kg P2O5 and 100 kg K2O/ha significantly improved the grain yield.
  • Consistent superiority of conjunctive use of RDF+5t FYM/ha was maintained at MTUand TTB in kharif and rabi  seasons in a long term experimentation of 27 years. The highest enzyme activity of phosphatase, glucosidase and dehydrogenase was observed in the  reatment receiving FYM at 10t/ha, NPKZnS + FYM,  and 50%NPK + 25% GM-N + 25% FYM-N in Maruteru and Titabar as well.
  • The   supremacy   of   transplanted   rice   in production  over  DSR  and  aerobic  rice  by an extent of 13-46% was witnessed across locations namely IIRR, Kanpur, Moncompu and  Puducherry.    In    case    of    nutrient management practices, maximum yields were obtained with RDF+ organics at IIRR and Puducherry and with RDF at Kanpur and Moncompu.