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Academic Programmes 

IIRR has been conducting M.Sc. Research Project Training on need basis for periods ranging from 3 months to 6 months in disciplines like rice biotechnology, plant breeding and hybrid rice technology.  In the current batch sixteen students from different universities are undergoing their training.  For details of this program contact IIRR.


S.NoGuideS.NoStudents being guided at present (Date of joining)DisciplineUniversity
1Dr. B. Mishra1 Mr. P. Nataraj                             (7-10-2005) submitted thesisGeneticsOsmania Univ. Hyd
  2Mr. K. Srinivasa Rao                    (7-10-2005) submitted thesisGeneticsOsmania Univ. Hyd
  3Ms. Sujatha submitted thesisPlant Sc.Hyd Central Univ.
2Dr. B.C. Viraktamath4 Mr. Ramdeen (11-01-2007)GeneticsOsmania Univ. Hyd
  5Mr. P. Baskar ReddyGeneticsOsmania Univ. Hyd
  6Mr. VSAK SamaGeneticsOsmaina Univ.
  7Mr. G. Ram KumarBiotechnologyJNTU, Hyd
   Jayasree Satya RamadeviYet to decideYet to decide
3Dr. J.S. Prasad8 Mr. M. ShankarZoologyOsmania Univ. Hyd
4Dr. N. Shobha Rani9Mr. I. Sudharshan (2-11-2005)BotanyOsmania Univ. Hyd
  10Mr.Manish K.Pandey (10-1-07)BotanyOsmania Univ. Hyd
  11Ms. AKP SivaranjaniPlant BiotechnologyJNTU, Hyd* Applied
5Dr. C.S. Reddy12Mr. K. Ravinder ReddyBotanyOsmania Univ. Hyd
6Dr. J.S.Bentur13Ms. K. Himabindu AwardedBiotechnologyAN Uni. Guntur
7Dr. N. Sarla14Mr. K. Kaladhar SubmittedGeneticsOsmania Univ. Hyd
  15Mr. B. P. Mallikarjun Swamy (submitted thesis, left) GeneticsOsmania Univ. Hyd
  16Mr. T. SudhakarGeneticsOsmania Univ. Hyd
  17G. Sandhya (to join) 9 June 2009Plant scienceHyd Central Univ.
8Dr. V. Ravindra Babu18Ms. Nirmala Devi                          (2009)GeneticsOsmania Univ. Hyd
9Dr. M.S. Ramesha19Mr. D. Nageshwar Rao                 (10-1-2007) Osmania Univ. Hyd
  20 Mr. Y. Hari      (10-1-2007)GeneticsOsmania Univ. Hyd
  21Mr. A .Prasad BabuBiotechnologyJNTU
10Dr. L.V. Subba Rao22Mr. Chaitanya                               (31-1-2007)GeneticsOsmania Univ. Hyd
11Dr. C.N Neeraja23Ms. Nidhi RawatGeneticsOsmania Univ. Hyd
  24Mr. BalajiGeneticsAN Univ. Guntur
12Dr. S. R. Voleti25K. Lakshman SinghGeneticsOsmania Univ. Hyd
13Dr. Srinivas Prasad26Ms. ArunaBiotechnologyJNTU
  27Mr. Madan MohanBiotechnologyJNTU
14Dr. S. M. Balachandran28Mr. A.K.BiswasBiotechnologyJNTU
  29Mr. ManimaranBiotechnologyJNTU
  30Ms. Spandana ANGRAU, Hyd
15Dr. S.P. Singh31Mr. Ram Lakhan Ram Ambedker Univ. Lucknow
16Dr. G. Padmavathi32Mr. K RameshGenticsOsmania Univ. Hyd
17Dr. Vandana Rai33Ms. Anuradha Singh UP Techn. Univ. Lucknow
18Dr. Ch. Padmavathy34 EntomologyANGRAU, Hyd