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1. Rice and the global economy:  Designing rice   to     meet     social,     economic    and environmental challenges - Zeigler RS. 

Genomic Resources: Status   

2. The  international  -  Oryza  map  alignment project: Development and analysis of a genus-wide comparative genomics platform to help solve the 9 billion people      question - Wing RA, Chen M, Gao L, Han B, Henry R, Hsing   Y,   Kurata   N,   Oliveira,   Olivier   AC, Panaud O, Wang W, Brar D, Jackson S, Jena K, Long M, Machado C, Sanderson M and Ware D.

3. Transcriptome resources for function analysis and genetic enhancement of rice - Agarwal P, Parida S, Kothari KS, Sharma G, Baranwal V, Kapoor S and Tyagi A.

4. Allele   mining   and   deployment   for   rice improvement through sequencing and SNP genotyping: status and potential Thomson MJ.

Tailoring Rice by Design: Finding New Yield Thresholds 

5. Finding   new   yield   thresholds   through changing concept  of  plant  type  in  rice  - Siddiq EA, Reddy CK, Zaman FU and Muralidharan K. 

6. The   nature   of   green   revolution:   A   re- evaluation - Fan Z, Ali J, Xu JL, Gao YM and Li Z-K.

7. Breeding for yield potential and enhanced productivity across different rice ecologies through green super rice (GSR) breeding strategy Ali J, Xu JL, Gao Y, Fontanilla M and Li ZK.

8. Breeding rice hybrids by design for future - Viraktamath BC, Neeraja CN, Sundaram RM, Sarla N and Hariprasad AS.

9. Increasing rice yield using wild species - Sarla N, Jyothi B and Siddiq EA.

10. Harnessing advances in rice genetics and genomics for unraveling genes and QTLs governing yield and yield components for developing designer rice - Singh AK, Gopalakrishnan S and Ellur RK.

11. Designing  high  yield  rice:  Prospects  and caveats Vemireddy LR and Srividhya A. 

Engineering Starch Biosynthesis

12. Redesigning starch metabolism to increase rice yields - Hwang S-K, Tuncel A and Okita TW.

13. Designer  rice:  improvement  of  source  to sink in rice for higher yields - Madana MR, Ambavaram MM, Krishnan A, Batlang U, Venkategowda R, Srivastava S, Baisakh N and Pereira A

14. Genetic    modification    of    trehalose metabolism in cereal crops to improve grain yield - Garg AK, Kim JK, Owens TG, Kim H-J, and Kochian LV.

15. A physiological approach to design rice panicle architecture in the quest for high grain yield - Mohapatra PK.

16. Biosynthesis and modification of starch by genetic engineering with reference to rice - Raghavendra AS.

True Breeding Apomixis

17. Apomixis:    current    status    and    future prospects Goel  S and Siddiqi I.

18. SSH and microarray studies show strong association of heat shock proteins and other stress related transcipts with nucellar polyembryony in Citrus sinesis (L) Osb - Kumar V, Malik SK, Pal D, Srinivasan R and Bhat SR.

Defending Against Stresses: Biotic Stresses

19. New   insights   into   rice   blast   resistance provide novel strategies for developing durable resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae Liu J and Wang G-L.

20. Engineering disease resistance in rice Roy- Barman S and Chattoo BB.

21. Extensive variation in alleles of Pi54 makes this  gene  show  broad-spectrum  resistance to blast - Sharma TR.

22. Prospects of engineering virus resistance in rice: achievements and opportunities - Dasgupta I.

23. New    genetic    avenues    for    insect    pest management in rice as revealed by studies on gall midge - Bentur JS, Rawat N, Sinha DK, Nagaraju J and Nair S.

24. Use of Vip3A-like insecticidal toxin gene from Bacillus thuringiensis to develop designer rice cultivars resistant to lepidopteran pests - Gayen S, Hossain MA, Biswas PK and Sen SK

Defending Against Stresses: Abiotic Stresses

25. Changing  Honda  and  Toyota:  innovative molecular paradigms for drought tolerance in rice - Kohli A.

26. Designing genetic engineering approaches for salinity induced oxidative stress tolerance in (Oryza Sativa L) -  Gill SS, Singh S, Macovei A, Tuteja N.

27. Improving  rice  productivity  under  abiotic stress conditions Parida A and George S.


28. Towards   developing   transgenic   rice   for salinity and drought tolerance: role of Rab7-  Tripathy  MK,  Reddy  MK,  Deswal  R  and Sopory SK.


29. Molecular     breeding     for     submergence tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L) - Neeraja CN, Septiningsih EM, Collard BCY, Reddy JN and Mackill DJ


Economizing Input Use: Nutrient and Water Use Efficiency


30. Predisposition  and  redesigning  of  genetic networks  of    rice    for   accommodating nitrogen-fixing rhizobial symbiosis - Reddy PM, Altúzar-Molina AR, Ortiz-Berrocal M, Medina-Andrés R, López-Sámano M, Martínez- Aguilar L and Velázquez-Hernández MDL.


31. Biological and synthetic sources of nitrogen – can they be complimentary? - Ladha JK.


32. Enhancing    water    use    efficiency    and effective use of water as a potential strategy to develop rice cultivars suitable for semi- irrigated  aerobic  cultivation  -  Sheshshayee MS, Mohankumar MV, Raju BR, Pratibha MD, Rajanna MP, Mohanraju B and Udayakumar M.


33. Activation tagging for mining novel genes in indica rice - Moin M, Bakshi A, Bharadwaj JP, Kumar ES, Kumar SV, Rao GSK,   Kumar GR, Rao TB, Ramesh B,  Rambabu B, Neetasri C, Mahendranath G, Rao KV, Balachandran SM, Sundaram RM, Anuradha G, Kumar MU, Siddiq EA and Kirti PB.


Nutrient Rich Wholesome Rice


34. Development   of   rice   and   maize   with multiple essential nutrients through simultaneous multi-pathway engineering - Zhu C, Farré G, Chao B, Rivera S, Arjo G, Sanahuja G, Zorrilla-Lopez U, Berman J, Capell T and Christou P.

35. Genetically engineered rice with iron and carotenoids - Datta K, Paul S, Ali N, Gayen D, Ghosh S, Karmakar A, Bhattacharya S, Sengupta S and Datta SK.

36. Engineering crop plants with seed storage protein for improved nutritional quality Narula K, Chakraborty N, Datta A and Chakraborty S.

37. Perspectives towards designing rice grain quality - Rani NS, Sheshu MM, Prasad GSV, Suneetha K, Babu VR, Rao LVS, Sundaram RM, Sivaranjani AKP and Srikanth S.

38. Improvement   of   iron   and   zinc   in   rice varieties through conventional and molecular approaches - Babu VR, Neeraja CN, Longvah T, Surekha K, Usharani G and Viraktamath BC.

39. Engineering a C4 rice - Quick WP.

40. Research for better rice to cope with heat stress - Mittal D and Grover A.

41. Developing C4 rice: A   physiological perspective in relation to climate change - Voleti SR, Subrahmanyam D and Rao PR


42. Integrating transcriptome profiling, re- sequencing, high throughput SNP genotyping,  and  chemically  induced mutants for functional genomics of rice - T. Mohapatra


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