IIRR 93 R is not yet officially released as it is in Experimental stage


Revised Mandate

  • Basic and strategic research for enhancing rice productivity under irrigated ecosystem
  • Coordination of multi-location testing to develop location specific varieties and technologies for various ecosystems
  • Dissemination of technologies, capacity building and establishing linkages

Publication Corner


Genome - wide transcriptome profile of rice hybrid with and without Oryza rufipogon introgression reveals candidate genes for yield. (Haritha Guttikonda, Shashi Rekha Thummala, Surekha Agarwal, Satendra K. Mangrauthia, Rajeshwari Ramanan, & Sarla Neelamraju). FULL PAPER  


Conversion of partial restorer Swarna into restorer by transferring fertility restorer Rf gene(s) through marker assisted back cross breeding (MABB) in rice. (Revathi Ponnuwamy, Arun Kumar Singh, Meenakshi Sundaram raman, Lella Venkata Subbarao & Neeraja C. N). FULL PAPER  

Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility (SAIF) at IIRR
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