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P5 SSP: Sustaining rice system productivity


Project Code

Project Title

PI and Co-PI


Sustainable intensification of rice-maize system through con- servation agriculture

Dr. Mangal Deep Tuti, Drs. R. Mahender Kumar,

B. Sreedevi, Soumya Saha, Aarti Singh, B. Nirmala,

T. Vidhan Singh, Bandeppa and M.N. Arun


Assessment of Genotypic vari- ability in nitrogen use efficiency and improving NUE in irrigated rice

Dr.K. Surekha, Drs. R. Mahender Kumar, Dr. P.C.Latha and Dr. Brajendra


Studies on Soil Organic Carbon Status. Mapping and stocks in Rice Soils of India

Dr. Brajendra, Dr. B Sailaja, Dr. MBB Prasad Babu, Dr. P Muthuraman


Utilization of plant growth pro- moting micro organisms for im- proving nitrogen and water use efficiency in rice

Dr.PC Latha, Drs. Bandeppa, Dr.MBB Prasad Babu and Dr. B. Sreedevi


Microbial population dynamics in different rice establishment method in relation to nutritional availability and acquisition.

Dr. Bandeppa, Drs. P. C Latha, Dr. K. Surekha, Dr. Mangal Deep Tuti and Kalyani M Barbadikar