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 P1 GEY: Genetic enhancement of Yield and stress tolerance 



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PI and Co-PI


Enhancing nutritional quality of rice through bio-fortification

L. V Subba Rao, G Padmavathi, K Surekha,B Sreedevi, CN Neeraja, D Sanjeeva Rao, T Longvah (NIN)


Traditional and molecular ap- proaches for breeding improved rice varieties with resistance to planthoppers

Dr.G Padmavathi, Dr. C. Gireesh, Dr.V. Jhansi Lakshmi, Dr.M. Sheshu Madhav, Dr.P.V.Satyanarayana, PS, Plant breeding, APRRI, Maruteru; Dr.N.Mallikarjuna Rao, SS, Entomology, APRRI, Maruteru.


Identification and introgres- sion of agronomically important traits from wild species of rice

Dr.C. Gireesh, Drs. MS Anantha, Divya B, Suneetha K, G. Padmavathi, Abdul Fiyaz R, Jyothi B, Seng- uttvel P, KB Kemparaju, RM. Sundaram, Sheshu Madhav, GS Laha, Prakasham V, Sridhar Y, Jhansi Laksmi V, P Raghuveer Rao


Breeding high yielding rice lines possessing multiple biotic stress resistance/tolerance through conventional and molecular ap- proaches.

Dr. R.Abdul Fiyaz , Dr. R.M. Sundaram, Dr. Sheshumadhav, Dr. L.V. Subba Rao, Dr. C. Gireesh, Dr. M.S. Anantha, Dr. M.S. Prasad, Dr. G.S. Laha,


Broadening the genetic base of indica rice varieties and modify plant type by introgressing traits from Tropical japonica

Dr.Jyothi Badri, Drs LV Subba Rao,  Di- vya Balakrishnan, Aravind Kumar, P Re- vathi, P Raghuveer Rao, Dr V  Prakasam, CH Padmavathi, B Sreedevi, Ch Suvarna Rani.


Breeding high yielding Rice cul- tivars for tolerance to low phos- phorus and nitrogen

Dr. M. S. Anantha, Drs. C Gireesh, R Abdul Fiyaz, P Senguttuvel, R M Sundaram, R Mahender Ku- mar, K Surekha, Brajendra, Raghuveer Rao, Aarthi Singh, H K Ranganath


Development and evaluation of three line hybrids with better grain quality and resistance to major pests and diseases.

Dr.A.S. Hari Prasad, Drs P Senguttuvel, P Revathi, KB Kemparaju, K Sruthi, RM Sundaram


Development of parental lines and Hybrids with tolerance to salinity and suitability to aerobic situations

Dr.P. Senguttuvel, Drs. AS HariPrasad, P.Revathi, KB Kemparaju, RM Sundaram, Sheshu Madhav, G.Padmavathi, C Gireesh, MS Anantha, B.Sreedevi, Mahender Kumar, Brajendra, Gopinath and D.Subrahmanyam


Development of superior restor- ers and Identification of new restorer(Rf) genes for WA-CMS system in rice by conventional and molecular approaches

Dr.P. Revathi , Dr. Jyothi Badri, Dr. Satendra Ku- mar Mangrauthia Dr. Divya balakrishnan, Dr. M. Srinivas Prasad, Dr. V. Jhansilakshmi.


Development of CMS line with good agronomic base and higher out crossing ability.

Dr.K.B. Kemparaju, Drs. A. S Hari Prasad, P Seng- uttuvel, P Revathi, RM Sundaram, M Sheshu Mad- hav


Establishment and validation of heterotic gene pools in hybrid rice

K. Sruthi, Drs. A.S. Hari Prasad, P. Senguttuvel, P. Revathi, K.B.Kemparaju and R.M. Sundaram


Physiological studies for improv- ing ideotype breeding in rice

Dr.P Raghuveer Rao, Dr. A.S. Hariprasad, Dr. Jyoti Badri


Development of chromosome segment substitution from elite x wild species crosses for mapping of yield enhancing QTLs/genes in rice”

Dr.N Sarla, Dr. Divya Balakrishnan