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Genetic enhancement of high yielding
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UAS Dharwad

PI: Dr Suma S. Biradar

Co PIs: Drs V. Rudra Naik, B.N.Patil, S.A. Desai            

In peninsular zone, macroni and emmer wheat occupy premier position. In fact, emmer wheat is considered as the quality wheat owing to its therapeutic traits like higher quantum of dietary fibre and protein content.

Identification of stable genotypes for Fe and Zn over the three locations (Dharwad, Ugar and Arabhavi): The fifty six advanced breeding lines of tetraploid genotypes were evaluated for Fe and Zn at three different agro ecological conditions viz., Dharwad (Zone 8), Kalloli (Zone 3) and Ugar (Zone 3) and four stable micronutrient rich tetraploid genotypes (>45ppm Fe and Zn) were identified from our centre viz., DDK-50383, DDK-50404, UAS-428, DDK-50366 and DDK-50391.


Development of superior micronutrient rich tetraploid genotypes thorough hybridization programme: The four high yielding tetraploid genotype as recipients and 15 micronutrient rich (Fe & Zn) advanced tetraploid wheat genotypes as donors were crossed in line x tester fashion during Rabi 2017-18. The resultant F1 hydrids will be evaluated for yield, its attributes, micronutrient content (Fe & Zn) and quality parameters in Rabi, 2018-19. 


CRP Multilocation Trial 2018-19: 


  • A combined trial of advanced genotypes from IARI, RS Indore and UAS, Dharwad was conducted at IARI, RS Indore and UAS, Dharwad including 11 genotypes with 2 replications. Morphological, agronomic and grain yield characteristics were recorded.
  • The experimental material for the study comprised of total 11 (5 germplasm accessions from AICRP on wheat, UAS, Dharwad and 6 advance breeding lines from IARI regional station, Indore) including checks were selected based on their superiority for grain micronutrient contents were evaluated during Rabi 2016-2017. List of genotypes evaluated for micronutrient (Fe and Zn) contents under CRP Bio-fortification trial during Rabi, 2017-18.


S. No. Genotypes from UAS Dharwad
1 Dharwad 1= DDK-50383
2 Dharwad 2= DDK-50404
3 Dharwad 3=  UAS-428
4 Dharwad 4 = DDK-50366
5 Dharwad 5 = DDK-50391
  Genotypes from IARI, RS, Indore
1 Indore 1 = IND 493 ( HI 1544 / HD 2987)
2 Indore 2 = IND 496 (HI 1544 / RAJ 3777)
3 Indore 3 = IND 505 (HI 1531 / HI 1544)
4 Indore 4 = ID 1706  (HI 8693 / HI 8663)
5 Indore 5 =  47th IDYN 717
6 Indore 6 (Check) = HI-8777

The micronutrient analysis of revealed that, among all the genotypes, DDK-50404 exhibited highest micronutrient content for both Fe and Zn contents.


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