Revised Mandate

  • Basic and strategic research for enhancing rice productivity under irrigated ecosystem
  • Coordination of multi-location testing to develop location specific varieties and technologies for various ecosystems
  • Dissemination of technologies, capacity building and establishing linkages

Publication Corner


  • Physical interaction of RTBV ORFI with D1 protein of Oryza sativa and Fe/Zn homeostasis play a key role in symptoms development during rice tungro disease to facilitate the insect meidated virus transmission(P. Srilatha, Faisal Yousuf, Ramesh Methre, T. Vishnukiran, Surekha Agarwal, Yugandhar Poli,M. Rahyrami Reddy, B. Vidyasagar, Chitra Shanker, D. Krishnaveni, S. Triveni, Brajendra, Shelly Praveen, S. M. Balachandran, D. Subrahmanyam, Satendra Kumar Mangrauthia) FULL PAPER
Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility (SAIF) at IIRR
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